Top 3 GoStream Movies that Would Make You Want to Press Life’s ‘Reset’ Button

New year usually mean new beginnings but for most, it is also a chance to reinvent and improve themselves to become better persons. Though it is pretty hard in real life to start a clean slate, these movies from GoStream will make you believe that it is entirely possible to hit life’s ‘reset’ and start over. More information on gostream on

Under the Tuscan Sun (2003)

Recently divorced and desperate for a change of pace, divorced writer Frances Mayes uproots herself from her comfort zone and decided to start afresh in sunny Tuscany, Italy. Despite the difficulties living in a foreign land (and renovating a dilapidated villa to boot), the heroine managed to bond with new friends and rediscover a new zest for life.

Though it might not always be a best idea to buy a villa on a whim, Under the Tuscan Sun teaches the audience that sometimes, doing something completely unexpected might just be the thing you needed to get back on track.

Eat, Pray, Love (2010)

Based on a bestselling novel of the same name, it tells the story of a woman who found herself utterly lost despite living a seemingly picture perfect life. While some might think the film is bit whimsical, it realistically portrays what it feels like to yearn for something unconventional as opposed to playing it safe your entire life.

Eat, Pray, and Love is like a how-to manual on re-discovering one’s self and how these three important words are the basic things you need to get your life going.

It is Kind of a Funny Story (2010)

What happens when you realize your life is spinning out of control? Craig Gilner, an stressed-out teenager ponders the question as he contemplates jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge. But instead of committing suicide, he decided to get psychiatric help and so the journey begins in this heartwarming film.

The movie brilliantly points out that, while you might not be able to ‘reset’ your life entirely, you can use all those negative moments to rebuild something that is completely positive. The film teaches the audience that every hurtful and difficult moment has the potential to become ‘a funny story’ that will melt your hearts.